Discipleship Clubs By Mail

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The Mailbox Club

Exciting bible lesson activity sheets mailed to you! We have age-specific content for kids (all ages) and adults too!

Quiet Time Club

Daily devotional helps for children in order to help form the habit of setting aside time with the Lord.

"Yes Lord, I'll Obey" Club

This is recomended for teens and young adults who have completed the mailbox club and desire to pursue ministry.

Examples of our club materials for children and adults.

Neighborhood Bible Clubs (for elementary-age children)

School-year clubs called COUNTDOWN CLUBS meet one hour weekly after school in homes, churches, community buildings, schools, etc.  The club program is composed of singing, prayer, memory work, missionary story, Bible lesson, counseling time. Contests, quizzes, etc., make the time both fruitful and exciting for the kids.

Several options are available in order to fit the club into the lives of busy people....
6-week Countdown Club - any six-week - fall and/or spring semester

Extended Countdown Club - begins in October and ends in April
(when school is not in session, the club does not usually meet.)

One-time "Party" Countdown Club - (Valentine's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, other)

Video Countdown Club - building a club around a different video each week, for 6 weeks, or using an extended dramatic video,  showing only a segment of the video each week.  These clubs  always include a Bible lesson.

Summer 5-Day Countdown Clubs meet for one hour a day for 5 consecutive days,
almost like a neighborhood VBS.  Almost anyone can clear one week of their
Summer, if they choose to prioritize this kind of outreach, to either teach or
host a club.  Again, the club is composed of singing, prayer, memory work, Bible
lesson, missionary stroy, review quizzes, etc.  A gospel invitation and time for
counseling is planned each day.

Training for involvement in these club programs is available and detailed under
"Teacher Training."

Young people, usually college-age, receive specialized, and more intensive
training, if they plan to serve for a Summer as a Summer Missionary.  Any young
person so hired serves for an extended time of the summer, teaching three and
four Summer 5-Day Countdown Clubs each day.  A Summer Missionary receives
remuneration for each club taught plus transportation expenses in driving from
area to area, and club to club.

..In a typical Summer between 600 and 1000 kids are impacted by attending 5-Day Countdown Clubs. Of those attending many profess genuine faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

CHALLENGE:  How about getting involved?  Open your home to your neighborhood and host a club?  Teach a club?  Pray for a particular club faithfully?  The school-year club season is upon us.  We're ready to include you.  Check the doctrinal position of this ministry by reading our Declaration of Faith.  Every person involved in the Lakeland CEM must fully adhere to and sign the Declaration of Faith annually.

Good News Caboose

The Lakeland CEM has two Good News Cabooses which are pressed into full-time service during the late Spring, Summer and early Fall.  The cabooses are carpeted, air-conditioned, and equipped with a 25 inch color TV, VCR, remote speakers and amplifier, exterior decorator lighting, etc., and a full set of our Lakeland CEM-produced, evangelistic, dramatic, videos.

The primary purpose of the cabooses is evangelistic outreach...

..To Fairs/Festivals/Celebrations.


We are always looking for new locations for our Neighborhood Clubs and for places to bring our Good News Caboose. Contact us today if you would like to host a location!