Lakeland Child Evangelism Ministries, Inc.
Closer Look

-Ministry Roots-

The Lakeland Child Evangelism Ministries Inc is located in Northeastern Indiana, a place of rich spiritual heritage.  Its mailing address is Winona Lake, home of Billy Sunday, home of Grace Theological Seminary & College, former home of the Free Methodist Church World Headquarters, former home of Winona Lake School of Theology, former home of the Winona Lake Christian Assembly, former home of American Association for Jewish Evangelism, etc.

This ministry is a continuation of a long-standing outreach to children founded by the late J. Irwin Overholtzer in 1937.  His vision of evangelizing and discipling children was based upon a solidly biblical doctrinal foundation as best articulated in numerous teaching/training materials which he compiled.
Although the Lakeland CEM is organizationally unaffiliated today, it is committed to perpetuating the vision, program, and biblical teachings of the Overholtzers.

The Lakeland CEM is governed by a rather large and strong Board of Directors with a keen sense of spiritual accountability to the Lord and to godly pastors and  churches.

In recent decades, the ministry of the Lakeland CEM has become increasingly committed to and involved in worldwide outreach through its film and video productions. 

Details of the worldwide outreach are given under the icon "Films/Videos", and  Teacher Training"

-Ministry Objectives-

1) To aggressively pursue every opportunity to reach children with the message of salvation and to lead them to trust Jesus Christ as the only Savior from sin!

2) To help children to grow in their Christian life by learning to love and obey God's Word; also by learning to love God's people in a Bible-teaching local church.

3) To assist families and churches in ministering to children involving evangelism and discipleship.

4) To enhance and expand outreach to children and families around the world in every