Teacher Training

In order to develop new leaders/teachers for various ministries to children, and to sharpen the ministry skills of those already serving, a teacher training ministry is indispensable.  Many pastors, missionaries, professors, public school and Christian school teachers have gained invaluable training and experience in this kind of teacher training program.


CLASSES:  Individual and group training is characteristically a part of this ministry; offering present and future teachers vital helps, and resources for effective ministry

  For churches and various conferences, "Seminars" are available with a

wide range of topics offered, usually determined by the church or conference
leadership.  These seminars may involve single or multiple sessions.

  The "Classes" as well as the "Seminars" are designed to be of

vital help for our own COUNTDOWN CLUB teachers as well as trainees, Sunday
School teachers, Children's Church workers, VBS workers, other "Club" workers
(AWANAS, etc.), School teachers, Home school parents, etc.

1. Effective use of Flannelgraph
2. Lesson Preparation
3. Guideline for Christian Growth
4. Levels of Teaching
5. Content of the Bible Lesson
6. Effective Use of Music
7. Teaching Missions
8. 7 Laws of the Teacher
9. Preparing the Lesson
10. Weaving in the Gospel
11. Christian Conduct

Teacher Training Books (Rev. & Mrs. J. Irwin Overholtzer)
The Seven Laws of the Teacher (Dr. Howard Hendricks) Video Series (7)
The Seven Laws of the Learner (Dr. Bruce Wilkinson)  Video Series (7)
Teaching with Style (Dr. Bruce Wilkinson) Video Series (7)
Child Size Good News (Barth & Sally Middleton - CEF, Warrenton, MO)
Child Size Steps in Growing (Barth & Sally Middleton - CEF, Warrenton,MO)
Visualized Bible Lessons (Flashcard and Flannelgraph - CEF, Warrenton,MO)
Visualized missionary and practical Christian living stories - (Bible  Visuals,
Akron, PA, and CEF, Warrenton, MO)
Classic, timeless, stories - (Living Stories, Milford, KS)
How to Succeed in Winning Children to Christ (Geo. B. Eager)
Visualized Hymns and Choruses (CEF, Warrenton, MO; Bible Visuals; BCM International; CEF Long Beach, CA)
Bible Lessons, Seasonal Stories, Backgrounds & Overlays, Contest & Review Games (Little Folk Visuals; Betty Lukens)
Dramatic Films & Videos (Lakeland CEM, Winona Lake, IN)
Bible Lessons, Growth Lessons, Camp Materials, Songs (BCM International, Upper Darby, PA)
People/Animal puppet patterns/skits (Children's Outreach Creative Resources, New Whiteland, IN)
Christian Living Stories (Living Stories, Milford, KS Bible Visuals, Akron, PA)