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Story Line

Story Line

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Toll Free Number - Dial 877-509-3476

Story Line is an online and phone ministry by which children can listen to gospel-based stories for kids any time day or night. This ministry reaches many hundreds of homes!

The "STORYLINE" ministry is a 24-hour a day phone lifeline to children and their families.  The initial contact through this outreach ministry has resulted in entire families enrolling in our Bible correspondence program called "THE MAILBOX CLUB" (see more about this program under Bible Study Clubs).  At the close of the taped phone "story" a number is given where you can reach a godly counselor.

You could be a vital link in this evangelistic outreach by helping to make known the appropriate phone number for a given area.

Genesis Joseph and the Life of Moses Joshua, Elijah, Elisha, and Daniel David Life of Christ More on Life of Christ Acts Peter and Paul
001 How It All Began 051 Joseph and His Dreams 301 How To Be Successful 101 Judges 001 Zacharias in the Temple 433 The Promised Savior 503 The Lame Man Walks
002 The Garden of Eden 052 Joseph Thrown into Pit 302 Crossing the Jordan 102 Ruth 002 An Angel Comes to Mary 434 Boyhood Jesus 504 Peter and John In Prison
003 Serpent Enters the Garden 053 Joseph Sold as a Slave 303 Rahab, The Crimson Chord 103 Hannahs Blessing 003 Birth of John the Baptist 435 Andrew brings Peter to Jesus 505 Before the Council
004 The Fall 054 Joseph in Prison 304 Joshua Meets God's Captain 104 Young Samuel 004 Birth of Jesus 436 Jesus heals the Leper 506 A Surprise Resue
005 Cain and Abel 055 Pharos Dreams 305 The Fall of Jericho 105 Philistines Take Ark 005 The Flight to Egypt 439 The Samaritan woman 507 Simon The Sorcerer
006 Enoch Walked With God 056 Prison to Palace 307 Gibeon Deceives Israel 106 The Ark Comes Home 006 The Boy Jesus in the Temple 440 The man with the withered hand 508 Peter and Two Miracles
007 Noah Found Favour With God 057 Joseph Rules in Egypt 308 The Sun Stood Still 107 Victory Over Philistines 007 John the Baptist 441 The widows mite 509 Cornelius
008 The Flood 058 Josephs Brothers Come 321 Elijah Fed By the Ravens 108 Isreal Asks For a King 008 Temptation of Jesus 442 Noblemans son healed 510 Stoning Of Stephen
009 The Rainbow 059 Second Trip to Egypt 322 The Widow Feeds Elijah 109 Anointing of Saul 009 Jesus at the Wedding 443 The faith of the Centurion 511 Philip Meets The Ethiopian
010 The Tower of Babel 060 Joseph Makes Himself Known 323 Miracle of Widows Son 110 The Unwilling Saul 010 The Man with the Palsy 444 Widows son raised 512 Saul On Damascus Road
011 The Call of Abram 061 Jacob Goes to Egypt 324 The Triumph of Elijah 111 Saul Sins Against God 011 A Crooked Woman is Healed 445 Feeding the 5000 513 Saul Receives His Sight
012 Abram and Lot Separate 062 Forgiveness 325 Elijah Prays For Rain 112 David Anointed King 012 Jesus Quiets the Storm 446 Disciples and the Sabbath 514 Paul Let Down In Basket
013 Abram Returns from the Battle 063 Joseph Feeds Egypt 326 Elijah Caught Up 113 A Bear and Lion Killed 013 A Little Girl Lives Again 447 The demoniac of Gadera 515 The Sorcerer
014 Three Heavenly Visitors 064 The Royal Line of Judah 331 The Pot of Oil Multiplied 114 David and Goliath 014 A Lesson on Forgiveness 448 Jesus walks on the water 516 Paul At Lystra
015 Abram Prays for a City 071 Story of Baby Moses 332 Shunammite Woman Has A Son 115 David and Jonathan 015 Jesus Is the Son of God 449 Transfiguration 517 The Philippian Jailer
016 Birth of Isaac 072 The Burning Bush 333 A Boy Restored to Life 116 Saul Is Jealous 016 The Coin in the Fishs Mouth 450 Jesus blesses the children 518 Mars Hill
017 Sacrifice of Isaac 073 Moses Before Pharoh 334 Naaman The Leper 117 David Escapes By Night 017 A Womans daughter Is Healed 451 Rich young Ruler 519 Paul Taken Prisoner
018 A Wife for Isaac 074 The Plagues of Egypt 335 The Axehead Floats 118 Bread and a Sword 018 Peters Confession 452 Jesus foretells His death 520 Paul Escapes By Night
019 Esau Sells His Birthright 075 Set Aside a Lamb 336 Servant Sees Gods Army 119 Triumph of David 019 Become as a Child 453 Zaachaeus 521 Paul Before Felix
020 Jacob Deceives Esau 076 Blood on the Door Post 341 Daniel Asks For Lentils 120 Sauls Spear & Water Jug 020 Blind Bartimaeus 454 Blind man pool of Siloam 522 Paul Before Agrippa
021 Jacob's Ladder 077 The Passover 342 The Fiery Furnace 121 The Best Water 021 The Raising of Lazarus 455 Jesus weeps over Jerusalem 523 Paul Shipwrecked
022 Jacob Wrestles With The Angel 078 Cloud of Guidance and Protection 343 Daniel Image Dream 122 Lost To the Enemy 022 The Crucifixion of Jesus 456 Chief Priests plot with Judas 524 The Snakebite
023 Jacob Meets Esau 079 Crossing the Red Sea 344 The Dream Of the Tree 123 A Boy Helps David 023 The Resurrection of Jesus 457 Palm Sunday 525 Paul In Rome
024 A New Suit 080 The Healing Tree 345 The Hadwriting On Wall 124 Saul Dies David Is Crowned 024 On the Road to Emmaus 458 Last Supper 526 A Winner And A Good Soldier
025 A New Year -- Everything New 081 Quail in the Evening 346 Daniel In The Lions Den 125 David Takes Jerusalem 025 Jesus Appears to Disciples 459 Jesus in the Garden 527 A Run away Servant
026 Valentines Day 082 God Provides Manna 347 The Mysterious Robbers 126 Mephibosheth 026 Thomas Doubts Then Believes 460 Peter denies his Lord 528 John On An Island
027 School Is Out 083 Obedience to God 348 The Sack Lunch 127 A House For God 027 Breakfast at Galilee 461 Nicodemus and Joseph 529 Our Dog Jenny
028 A Day at the Beach 084 The Ten Commandments 349 Space Story I 128 Solomon Crowned King 028 The Ascension of Jesus 462 Jesus is alive 530 Ron And His Skateboard
029 Halloween 085 Tabernacle to be Built 350 The Run aways 129 Solomon Asks For Wisdom 029 The Tree that Points 463 The Wise Man Parable 531 I Can Do It
030 Thanksgiving 086 Tabernacle Dedicated 351 The Sunday School Picnic 130 Solomons Temple 030 The Rich Man and Lazarus 464 Pharisee and Publican Parable 532 A Surprised Boy
031 A Christmas Story 087 Aarons Rod Buds 352 Abraham Lincoln 131 Solomons Great Kingdom 031 The Wedding Feast    
032 Another Christmas Story -- Tom's Watch 088 Moses Prays for his People   132 Solomon Turns From God 032 The Lost Sheep