Lakeland Child Evangelism Ministries, Inc.
Free Video Library


Believing strongly that our families and churches of the area needed a resource video library, totally free of charge except for late fees, the Lakeland CEM Board of Directors launched just such a project.  The library is over 2000 videos.  What a joy to wean people away from the trash of popular TV shows.

As an interest factor, the library was born out of a very gracious provision of the Lord through an estate gift (Miss Bertha Kuhn).  God has continued to provide long after the estate funds were depleted, through special gifts, etc.

Today, hundreds of individuals and families, as well as many churches avail themselves of this library.  Many folk use the videos as evangelistic tools, and have seen family and friends respond in faith to the Good News of eternal salvation in Christ.

The Library is divided into various sections...

  Children's Bible Stories, Children's Dramatics, Home School
  Entertainment - all ages, Christian Dramatics
  Contemporary Themes, Sports, The Christian & Finances
  Christian Biographies, Home & Family, Teaching Videos

A sampling of videos in various sections include...

DaVinci Code Deception Biblical Journeys Series-Fallwell Ministries
Left Behind-World at War Far From Home-The Adventures of Yellow Dog
Faith Lessons-In the Dust of the Rabbi C.B. DeMilles-The Ten Commandments
Faith Lessons-Walk as Jesus Walked Dick Van Dyke-6 Episodes
Thousands Not Billions Seasons of the Heart
The Burnham Story Charlotte's Web
Love Comes Softly The Endtimes in the Words of Jesus
Love's Enduring Promise 25 Messianic Signs
Beyond the Gates of Splendor Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust
The Diary of Anne Frank The Temple - Zola Levitt
Fiddler on the Roof The Miracle of the Passover
8 Episodes of Andy Griffith In Search of the Real Mt. Sinai
The Sugar Creek Gang-The Great Canoe Fish Indonesia: Island Jihad
The Sugar Creek Gang-Swamp Robber The Power of Purity
Prophecies of the Passion  
Did God Create in 6 Literal Days  
Dinosaurs in the Bible  
Genesis-The Key to Reclaiming the Culture  
Is God Relevant Today?  
Glory to God Alone-J.S. Bach  
Road to Avonlea  

Other Videos Included ...  
Winnie the Pooh Series Billy Graham Dramatic Films
McGee & Me Series Young Tom Edison
Superbook John Hus
Storykeeper Series Charles Spurgeon
Veggie Tales Series When Things Seem Impossible
Odyssey Series The Wait of the World
Hiding Place Ordinary Guy
Chariots of Fire The Three Chairs Series
Wilderness Family Series Foundations of the Faith Series
Anne of Green Gables Series Witness at your Door
Christy Series Hells Bells
Strike the Original Match Rock Music and the Occult
Turn Your Heart Toward Home Rock Music and Violence
Dr. John Whitcomb - many videos Joni
R.C. Sproul - many videos Sarah, Plain and Tall
James Kennedy - many videos Little House of the Prairie Series
7 Realities of Experiencing God New Testament Series (Nest)
Seven Laws of the Teacher Monday Morning Mission
Seven Laws of the Learner Financial Planning (Burkett)
Teaching With Style The Mormon Dilemma
Moody Science Films Series Free Masonry
Moody Anne of Avonlee